On Travel


Traveling is that thing that makes you tickle when you come across the departure signs at the airport. That one ticket that you’ve been waiting for. That one destination that you’ve longed to see.

Traveling is falling in love with the journey rather than the destination. The highs and lows. The car rides and footsteps. 

Traveling is moving forward. Always forward. Moving on and looking backwards with the slightest, purest form of nostalgia. 

Traveling is feeling it all. Accepting it all. You can alter your path but the road cannot be changed. Accepting it all as it is. Every soul, every word, every inch of flesh. Letting it be.

Traveling is letting go. Letting go of a past that cannot be rewinded. Letting go of the hands touched, the eyes met and the places encountered. 

Traveling is feeling different. And also feeling we still belong. And yet, it is feeling the same. A reunion in opposites and resemblance. 

Traveling is accepting that we are the stranger, the foreigner, the outsider. And still, it is being ready to dive right in.

Traveling is taking a leap into the unknown. Being brave and fearless when fear seems to be determinate to take all control over us. 

Traveling is getting lost. At times almost drowning and yet continuing on breathing, surviving.

Traveling is being close. So very close to our own identity by being reminded of our former surroundings whilst in similar ones. 

Traveling is being close to oneself. So very close, when on our own, the only human presence we may feel is our reflection in the mirror. 

Traveling is being far away. So far away and yet so very close as well, connected heart to heart, always.

Traveling is discovering. Walking on the path that plenty before us, hundreds or seconds ago, have walked tirelessly. 

Traveling is fully experiencing and sensing sunsets and sunrises while being absolutely aware of the possibility that you may never be in the same conditions ever again. 

Traveling is opening up our eyes to a whole new dimension. Observing in awe or disgust. Exploring with acceptance. 

Traveling is accepting, yet again, each and every challenge that is thrown at us. For this is the only option that remains.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Augustine of Hippo


Travel is evanescent.

Travel is acceptance.

Traveling is feeling.

Travel is discovery in every form.

Traveling is taking the leap.

Traveling is the human condition.

Traveling is the long, rich, flickering and never-ending self-discovery journey to the soul. Traveling is a soul-searching quest, a quest for the meaning of life.


Amalfi, Aug. 2019, GC

Indochine. Black Sky.

how does the word travel speak to your soul?

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